Google Search updated, now includes data from installed apps


google searchYesterday Google revealed it’s latest Google Search features aiming to combine supported app data altogether with Google’s Search service.

Google has began to include data from 3rd party apps installed on the user’s device which will include an “open in app” button that will take you to the exact information you’re searching for. Additionally Google Now will now lest the relevant app data.

App+IndexingLet’s say that you’re searching for reviews for a particular movie and if you have the IMDb app installed, you will be given the option to open the app right from the search results. This addition will also allow users to install apps directly from Google Now. Naturally the initial list of apps supporting this feature is rather limited at this time but developers are expected to incorporate this addition in the coming weeks.

Google is actively working with developers to get more apps included, check out how to sign up for this feature if you’re an Android developer.

It’s worth noting that the new features are rollout out through the official Google Search app on Android, as well as through Chrome and various Android browsers.

via Google