LG G Flex starts to roll out world wide comes to Asian markets (China, Japan)


LG G Flex

LG began today what is the start of a world wide launch of their much anticipated LG G Flex. The company today announced that the curved phone would be landing in various markets (China, Japana) outside of Korea for the first time.

The very intuitive device which features a completely curved display and design which according to LG has been manipulated for the purpose of fitting the contours of the human face. The revolutionary device also comes packing a P-OLED (plastic made OLED) HD display, a 3,500mAh curved battery (worlds first curved battery in a smartphone, LG claims) and most attention catching of all is the fact the back cover is coated in self-healing plastic which at the right temperature and given enough time allegedly removes surface scratches.

Lucky customers in Singapore will be the first to get their hands on the curves being able to pre-order on December 8th. Next up will be the lucky residents of Hong Kong; where it goes on sale December 13th.