UK High Court slams HTC with an injunction in the case against Nokia



Another casualty in the ongoing global smartphone patent war, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the slanging match between Apple and Samsung, but this time we find ourselves in the midst of a much more brutal, less known patent battle.

This one involves HTC and Nokia, Justice Arnold of the England and Wales high court has ordered an injunction against poor HTC who haven’t been having a lot of luck recently. But, HTC were given the chance to appeal on limited grounds. HTC have until Friday to appeal.

This legal fisty-cuffs has been going on for a while with Nokia landing the first blow back in October. Nokia are calling for a complete ban on HTC phones in various markets world-wide and are also wanting compensation for each and every phone sold. It’s widely speculated that HTC will just bite the bullet and club together a cash settlement for Nokia, creating further embarrassment and financial woes for the Taiwan based brand.

The particular patent which has caused all the trouble is “EP0998024 on a “modular structure for a transmitter and a mobile station”¬†This piece of kit is the modular technology installed inside phones tasked with the sending of data. HTC’s primary argument is that this particular modular technology is part of Qualcomm’s chip and therefore should be covered by a deal struck up between Qualcomm and Nokia in the US.

In another twist in this story the judge who was overseeing the case dramatically dropped the news that HTC had sold¬†“approximately 715,000 smartphones in the UK in the period January to September 2013,” this is an exceptionally low amount of smartphones for that period, spelling further trouble ahead for HTC. The various high-profile patent battles we’ve seen in the past few years show that patents serve nothing but to stifle competition and innovation, and are drastically in need of reform.