Huawei abandons US market to avoid political scandal


huawei_logo_720wThere’s been a lot going on in the world of global politics, and among the forefront of those politics is the issue of spying. With Edward Snowden having leaked vital information pertaining to the US (PRISM), the US has been re-evaluating its stand on national security. Having publicly accused the Chinese government of spying through Huawei and ZTE Corp, branding them as tools of the Chinese government, Huawei has found it easier to pull out of the US market, thus avoiding a major political scandal.

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei made the following statement at a press conference in front of French journalists.

“If Huawei gets in the middle of U.S-China relations, it’s not worth it, therefore, we have decided to exit the U.S. market, and not stay in the middle.”

However,the statement should be seen as a culmination of things to come if the suspicion and pressure exerted by western security officials does not reduce. The major issues the US security and executives are worried about, is the equipment Huawei sells in the US market. Equipment such as routers and switchboards, which according to them can be used for spying.

It’s not clear when Huawei will initiate the official pull out and also including the fact that no proof has been brought forth to actually implicate Huawei and show its guilt in the matter. Huawei, according to Foreign Policy have made loses because lawmakers have exhorted US firms to cease doing business with Huawei, and federal regulators have tried to block the spread of company’s equipment in the United States. Ren was quoted as saying:

For research and development and retail handset provision,Huawei will likely stick around

This coming from a high-ranking official from Huawei comes as pretty serious news,being broadcasted in Chinese media,but hasn’t been really picked up by American and British media.What do you think about this move by Huawei? Share your comments below.