Pocketdroid Weekly Top 5 Android Apps & Games (25 Nov – 2 Dec)



Another week, another countdown of the best Android apps we’ve seen this week on Google Play store worth mentioning. So here goes our weekly top 5 Android apps and games.



DayFrame is the perfect app for that tablet you’ve got lying around the house gathering dust. The free app allows you to connect to your various social media accounts ( Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, 500px, Tumblr, Google+, Dropbox, and Flickr) the DayFrame then turns your dormant tablet into household ornament cycling through your social media pictures. Although, this is a novel idea on paper, I know I wouldn’t want to see the majority of my Facebook pictures slowly fading in and out in the corner of my living room, so some customization would definitely be in order before it was used. Rating 7/10


Hunger Games: Panem Run


Hunger Games: Panem Run is basically a more tedious version of temple run, you have to navigate your way through the map, avoiding objects, jumping over things, sliding under things and hitting targets with a bow and arrow. If you’re a fan of the Hunger Games, like temple run and don’t mind logging into your Facebook and Google+ accounts download this app, if you’re like me and you don’t like any of the above points, give it a miss. Rating 4.5/10


KitKat Launcher


Got a device that isn’t the Nexus 5? or has your device had the KitKat update but there’s a lot of what you thought would be there missing? then this launcher is for you. The launcher makes the app drawer background translucent, so it shows up whatever wallpaper you may have. The launcher also removes the black bar from the top and bottom of the home screen. Obviously this doesn’t simulate having all of KitKat’s new bells and whistles on the Nexus 5 but, it’s the closest you’ll get free of charge. Rating 7.5/10


Battle Command