Old timer Nexus One still lives, gets Android 4.4 port. Nexus S too


Nexus One

Kitkat the latest version of Android operating system is now available for the old timer Nexus One and the Nexus S as well, unofficially of course. This because Google decided to drop support a while back for both Nexus devices.

That said, the Android modding community consisting of many developers came together and created a suitable Android 4.4 ROM for both devices. Awesome right? For the Nexus S owners, to experience the Kitkat ROM will have to flash the KitKat alpha 3 ROM developed by XDA member cn.fyodor. According to people who’ve flashed it, it seems reasonably stable as most of the functions are working. Though it ss an Alpha build, so do expect a couple of bugs in there as well.

As for the Nexus One, a developer at XDA going by the name texasice recently unveiled a custom ROM based on the KitKat AOSP.T he ROM called the Evervolv KitKat 4.4 ROM runs well according to users but has missing features, such as no support for video recording, some general camera bugs, and some minor graphic glitches. But that is to be expected considering that these are generally new ROMs which will be improved over time.