HexStyli a 6 in 1 stylus for your Android device and much more



If you’re the kind of person who can never find a screwdriver when you need one or a pen for your tablet, then we have something in mind for you.

To say the HexiStyli is a stylus is a huge understatement, this is the multi-tool to end all multi-tools. The HexiStyli is designed to work on all capacitive touch screens, but this is where it gets really interesting. Flip up the tip of the stylus and you’ll find a ballpoint pen, perfect for jotting down notes in between surfing the web, flip it on its side on there’s a ruler printed onto the body, there’s also a built in spirit level, flat head and Phillips screw driver.

A very versatile tool indeed and a perfect testosterone filled stocking filler, yours for only £11.99 exclusively at MobileFun.

Exploded-pen-For-GIF 6-In-1-StyPen_13b