Samsung might launch the Galaxy Gear 2 alongside Galaxy S5 next year [Rumour]



Seems the March- April period will be the official Samsung Galaxy Flagship duration as has been for some time now. The unannounced Galaxy S5 smartphone is rumored to see its release the same time in the first quarter come 2014. That’s not all, the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is expected to be announced right about the same time or rather the exact same time. The catch to this however is a 15% – 20% slimmer and more integrated version of the smartwatch that will see more improvement in comparison to the original version.

Why integrated? You may ask. Well, the Galaxy Gear 2 development stages are going to be in line to that of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and this will see more tests and integrated support to the point of the two being 100% in sync, if not a value close to that. A source revealed that you’ll be able to use the smartwatch for games, entertainment and health care functions, although it’s not clear what features this includes.

Despite the original Samsung Galaxy Gear being relatively new to the market, the device has been widely criticized for limited functionality and compatibility, as well as its off-putting price tag of £299.This is however is expected to change by a great margin once the new Gear 2 sees its release according to sources and for Samsung to maintain its niche in the so green smartwatch market.

Seemingly Galaxy S5 is set to play host to an all new aluminium shell and will reportedly boast a 5-inch WQHD display, a 64-bit Exynos 6 CPU, 3GB of RAM and a 16-megapixel camera. As well as these reported features , a recent patent filing suggests the S5 is to incorporate iris scanning technology, distinguishing it from the iPhone 5S’ fingerprint sensor.

Well as is usual with all Samsung rumors it cannot miss some truth in it and a bit more of surprise. For now let’s treat it as so and keep it Pocketdroid for any new development.