Tesco will sell the Moto G at huge discount, only £99



Only a week after I published my review of the Moto G, I’ve been seeing them pop up everywhere. Now, Tesco Mobile will sell the Moto G from launch.

Not yet released, the baby brother to the hugely popular Moto X, the Moto G will, I’m sure, take the PAYG market by storm, as it’s cheap, powerful and stock android with next to no bloatware from Motorola. Now, Tesco will sell the Moto G for a poultry £99 ($161.40/€118.71), which is almost £50 off the RRP.

The Tesco Mobile page, strangely, only shows the Moto G 16GB, and only on contract from £12.50. However, the Tesco.com site is selling the 8GB version for £99, on the Tesco Mobile Network. Whether this is because one site hasn’t been updated yet, or if it’s just to get more sells through one site rather than the other, it’s not clear. Nor is it clear if the Moto G will be available through PAYG when the 8GB version goes on sell.

Currently, the Tesco.com site shows no stock of the 8GB Moto G, but have left the facility to get stock updates via email. As always with Tesco, shipping will be free, or available to pick up from your local store with their ‘Click and collect’ service, subject to status.

This is a smashing little phone, and for £99, well worth the price if you can spare it.

You can find the Moto G 8GB on the Tesco shop here, or the 16GB version through the Tesco Mobile site here.