Futuremark benchmarking service delists Samsung and HTC phones for suspected cheating



The smartphone market is like a world of its own, where everything is about survival of the fittest. And this is in light with a recent development that major smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Asus and HTC are actually manipulating the scores when it comes to smartphone benchmarking. This was made clear when the phone makers are said to have enhanced the recent AnTuTu and GFXBench scores for their own benefit. This is done through a code (“benchmark detect”) that is embedded to make the software come up with astronomically inflated scores. AnTuTu Labs launched recently its countermeasures to stop such practices.

Apparently according to AnandTech report that it recently published, all EOM’s actually take part in this performance enhancement strategy except for Apple, Google’s Nexus 4, Motorola’s latest crop of phones that we all know are Google owned and the Nexus 7.

And with this in mind, the Finnish benchmarking company Futuremark has publicly delisted specific Samsung and HTC phones suspecting them of cheating. The devices in question include Galaxy Note 3HTC One and HTC One Mini  after failing to adhere to the fairness policy, which requires that a device treats its 3DMark app just as it would treat any other app, with no tailor-made bursts of performance designed to achieve artificially high scores.

As much as this is seen as a setback to the phone manufacturers, Futuremark says that both manufacturers can appeal to this decision and called on users to remain vigilant and report suspicious 3DMark scores.

Well this may be seen as a storm in a tea cup to most users as most of us don’t rely on the benchmark scores a decider as to which phones we purchase. Well, keep it Pocketdroid for more updates as the story develops