HTC launches HTC FootballFeed Android app for UEFA fans



About a year ago (December 2012) HTC signed a three-year partnership contract with UEFA (European Football Association) through which HTC is sponsoring the most important European football tournaments – UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

Today, HTC announces a dedicated Android app, HTC FootballFeed which provides all the latest information (matches,stats,news,etc) from both above mentioned leagues.

HTC FootballFeed app is inspired by HTC BlinkFeed. The app basically borrows the UI and swipe up news stream feature.

The HTC FootballFeed app takes that experience to the next level, providing a host of features developed to spark and drive conversation between football fans in stadiums, at home and across the world:

·         News articles

·         Latest standings

·         Details on all upcoming matches

·         A rolling live feed for each match, presenting key moments

·         Detailed commentary

·         Easily accessible information on all competing clubs and players

·         Incredible photography galleries

·         Exclusive HTC promotions and competitions

The app is now available free on Google Play store.


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