Android camera app and API about to get better


camera nexus

Few weeks ago evidence emerged from Google commits suggesting that the stock AOSP Android camera app would be revamped and it happens that Google just confirmed it via Gina Scigliano speaking to CNet.

Most of the changes are centered around Android‘s camera hardware abstraction layer said the spokeswoman, new features such as burst mode and raw mode will be made available for all.

“Android’s latest camera HAL (hardware abstraction layer) and framework supports raw and burst-mode photography. We will expose a developer API [application programming interface] in a future release to expose more of the HAL functionality.”

The camera API will also go through a redesign in order to give developers the ability to harness the new camera features expected in a future Android release. The API was scheduled to be included in KitKat but a last minute change caused it to be pulled for technical reasons.

“The core concept of the new HAL and future API is centered around burst-mode photography. The basic idea is instead of taking a single shot with a given set of parameters, you instead have the power to queue up a request to take multiple shots each with different parameter settings such as exposure gain. The camera subsystem captures a the burst of shots, which can be subsequently post-processed by the application layer.”

This will of course mean that Android devices equipped with high end camera shall have improved imaging capabilities, something that was quite not present on the Nexus 5.

via CNet