MediaTek introduces MT6592 True Octa-Core,expected in early 2014 devices



Remember all those rumors you heard about an actual existing TRUE eight core processor? Well, yes, they were true. MediaTek just launched the new MediaTek MT6592. This chip, MediaTek claims is the is world’s first true octa-core mobile platform that can utilize full capabilities of all eight cores in any combination, both for low-power and more demanding tasks.This is achieved by allowing all eight of its cores to run simultaneously.


This chip will be able to be used on both smartphone devices and tablets.This comes as great news for gamers who will also benefit from the chips processing speed which clocks at 2GHz.the MT6592 has eight CPU cores, each capable of clock speeds up to 2GHz. The true octa-core architecture is fully scalable, and the MT6592 runs both low-power and more demanding tasks equally effectively by harnessing the full capabilities of all eight cores in any combination.