Samsung working on Premium Galaxy F series or is it the chassis of upcoming Galaxy S5?


Galaxy F

Could these images spell a shift in Samsung strategy? The S line of smart devices has long been the brand’s mark of quality, signalling high specs and a premium user experience.

If these images which are supposedly fresh out of a Samsung factory are anything to go by though, the S line which year after year has increased Samsung’s sales and dominance in the technology sector, famously helping to knock Nokia off the number spot for global phone sales could have its days numbered.

Samsung has long been ridiculed for choosing plastic as the material of choice for its premium line of devices, with detractors (iPhone fans) claiming that it made their phones and tablets look cheap in comparison to other manufacturers who used glass and metal to create their tech. However: that now looks like it could all be about to change, if these purported images of a Galaxy S5 chassis are the real deal. The image clearly shows a metal chassis, which would signal Samsung is ready to ditch their plastic orientated past for a more refined metal future.