Android 4.4 now available in Europe on the Nexus 7 2013


Android 4.4 now available in Europe

Over a week ago Google announced KitKat roll out for both Nexus 7 2012/2013 tablets, and over a week later, today we finally see it happening.

We’ve just managed to upgrade the Nexus 7 2013 to Android 4.4 over the air. The new build is indeed KRT16S (242MB), and once it finishes installing the new firmware and reboots everything changes, even the boot sequence. The lockscreen now shows you where to swipe to access Google Now feature. Once unlocked, the homescreen brings a new Grey colored icons up top in the notification bar.

The icons in the App drawer are slightly bigger and more appealing to the naked eye. The Camera app has a new icon, Settings as well.

If you’re in Europe and you own a Neus 7 2013 you should try checking whether the update is available in your country. If it is let us know in the comments down below.