Pocketdroid Weekly Top 5 Android Apps & Games [November 18]



Another week, another list of Android apps to get you going, I do the downloading, so you don’t have to. Let us know in the comments or on Twitter if you have any suggestions for next week’s list. Here goes oure Weekly Top 5 Android Apps & Games.


GT Racing 2

First Android app up to meet my judging eyes is GT Racing 2, this a very realistic looking and feeling game, almost like an Android version on Gran Turismo. It runs nice and smooth and looks nice too, but I can’t help but feel the realism makes it a tad bit boring when compared to the more arcade feeling Asphalt which I reviewed last week, but if you’re after more driving simulator than an arcadey NOS free for all, then this game is definitely for you. Rating 6.5/10 

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Flyne, which is pronounced like the second half of offline if you were wondering, is an offline reader, it’s pretty handy for those times you’re sat in a signal free room bored out of your mind. Flyne comes with some basic feeds for you to have a read through and also gives you the ability to sync with your Twitter and feedly accounts, I should probably drop in here that although the app itself is free if you want  access to the third party options (Twitter and feedly) you have to pay via in app purchase. Rating 7/10

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Giant Boulder Of Death

There’s not a great deal to say about Giant Boulder of Death, the title is pretty self explanatory, you play a boulder angrily making it’s way down a mountain smashing into everything in its path. The game uses your device’s accelerometer tilting to move left and right. This game is immensely mindless fun, where you’re encouraged to smash into everything you see save for the barriers that kill you. This game is really fun and just ridiculous for that I’m gonna slap it with a 9/10. Rating 9/10

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Switchr is a beautifully designed app fresh out of beta, it’s an exciting new to way to multitask with your device. Simply swiping to the left brings up a list of all your running applications. Switchr gives you two different styles “Switchr slide” and “Switchr flow” one greets you with a cover animation which shows the complete list of open applications, with the applications logo displayed. The other option is more minimalist and definitely doesn’t feel as professional. The app is free and available to download now on the Google Play Store. Rating 9/10

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Jurassic Park Builder 

This is a breath of fresh air in the Jurassic Park franchise as far as video games are concerned. Most past experiences conjure up memories of shooting dinosaurs with third rate graphics. So, it’s good to see they’ve put all that behind them. Jurassic Park builder is more zoo tycoon meets Command Conquer, you’re tasked with creating your own Jurassic Park, by finding dinosaurs wandering about in the wild and encasing them in a zoo style cage. Unfortunately this game like many others features in app purchases and unless you have a lot of time on your hand and don’t mind waiting hours to advance through the game you’re gonna have to open your wallet. Rating 7.2/10

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