Moto X to Be Launched Globally In Near Future


Moto X WhiteMoto X, the Motorola flagship that is currently reserved for the US market, may finally come to Europe, as it was hinted at the Moto G launch event two days ago.

The statement was said by the marketing director of Motorola for the EMEA region, Marcus Frost. He said: “The reception of Moto X has been fantastic and we’re continuously pursuing opportunities in the EMEA region, so really watch this space. We are serious about Europe and we want to bring strong propositions to the market”. Interestingly, he said nothing about the launch of the Moto X in Europe in particular, so take this info with a reserve. In the end, it may turn out that Frost had the Moto G in mind when saying that.

If Motorola are about to release its flagship in Europe, there will be a couple of weeks at most until the phone is available. Even if the Moto X hits EMEA, the question whether the Moto Maker will also make the jump to the old continent or not still remains open. We hope Motorola will clear this doubts in near future.