Galaxy S3 update to Android 4.3 is a total bust! Dont upgrade just wait a little longer.


Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S III users have been waiting for their 2012 flagship device to receive a software upgrade for a really long time and because of that, Samsung decided to skip 4.2 and jump recklessly to Android 4.3, in an attempt to please its consumers. However, when the software arrived all hell break loose. Galaxy S3 users around the world have complaints about their phone not waking up after upgrading to Android 4.3, sometimes it doesnt even ring when a call is coming through and other software problems that S3 users are facing right now.

Samsung is already aware of the situation and it is working around the clock to fix this mess. We advise to wait and not upgrade to Android 4.3 until Samsung finds a way to fix these problems.

We can not tell you when a software fix will be available from the South Korean OEM, but if you keep following our daily reports, you’ll know the second we find out more.