Google Search update brings new cards to Android 4.1+ devices


google nowAndroid 4.4 KitKat brought some massive changes regarding Google Now and most interesting Google Search. From new cards to the updated UI featuring new animations and transition elements.

There was however some over the feature along with the new ‘Google Experience Launcher (GEL)’ which were deemed a Nexus 5 exclusive. Google has however made its move and now offers those new Google Now features to all Android 4.1+ devices via the updated Google Search app.

The new Search app (version 3.1.8) weighing around 12MB now incorporates the new launcher resources and associated elements found on the Nexus 5 although you’ll still need to manually install the GEL apk to have the launcher.

New features include the watch card, website card, news card, recurring reminders, full conversation mode and traffic incidents.

It’s worth noting that the status bar transparency is only available on roms with the AOSP launcher. You’ll need  to root your device and install the Xposed framework followed by Gravity Box to enable the transparency effects on stock-derived versions of Android featuring forked AOSP launchers (that includes CM as well).

The update also fixes the GEL layout on tablets (especially the misplaced search bar) and improves the drawer icon scaling on devices with different DPI.

With Google integrating more KitKat search features into Google Search one may wonder if they’ll release the launcher GEL as an app in the Play Store, that may happen but only time will tell.

The App is already live in the Play Store so go grab it!