Football Manager 2014 Handheld available for Android devices. Play on!


Football Manager 2014 Handheld

The popular football strategy game renowned for making young men lose their girlfriends is back. Football Manager 2014 Handheld available for download now on Google Play and Itunes.

Loaded with a new look user interface and a plethora of other new features, including; a more realistic transfer system and the ability to create your own team from scratch, with its own name, colours, strip and squad. The customised team is then able to played in any international or national league.

The game also has a cloud save option although at present this is only available on the iOS iteration of the title as it works in conjunction with Apple’s iCloud. No word yet on when this will be worked into the Android version.

Football Manager 2014 Handheld is available now on the Google Play store priced at £6.99