Android 4.4 update coming to Moto X by Christmas



Yesterday in London, Motorola introduced its newest handset – Moto G, with a gorgeous 4.5″ HD display  that’s “better than iPhone 5S’s screen” and Android 4.3. Aside from that, Motorola also told us (we was there at the event) that Android 4.4 is coming by the end of January to Moto G.

So, you’re probably asking yourself “what about Moto X upgrade?” Well, according to Motorola CEO, Mr. Dennis Woodside, Android 4.4 will be coming in the following weeks, thats his estimation, and we are thinking: if Moto G gets Android 4.4 in January and we are already in mid-November, Moto X, considered a flagship device, must have priority. That said, an upgrade for Moto X to Android 4.4 must be coming by Christmas, if not sooner.

Does it make any sense to you?



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