Developer Improves Nexus 5 Camera App with Patch


nexus-51Nexus 5 has been one of the most hyped phones for the past few months,and rightly so,it’s the best device from Google as yet. But the the Nexus 5, while being a really good device, has its own drawbacks. After all nothing is usually perfect, right off the shelf. That’s why there are developers, some freelance who come with ways to improve the device, so that we can all enjoy, with a bit of a twist involved (rooting, flashing etc)

The Nexus 5 camera has been touted as probably one of the worst features of the phone, with the worst being the battery life. But a developer on XDA has created a patch that improves the camera in a very big way. According to the developer Jishnu Sir on XDA made the patch which improves the following aspects of the device:

  • Sound Recording now in Stereo with the secondary Mic.
  • Faster Focusing for the camera.
  • Front Camera also records 720P Videos@ 20 Mb/s.
  • Front camera Audio Bit-rate@ 192000 Kb/s.
  • Anti-banding default set to 50Hz
  • Focus Range Adjusted.
  • Enhanced Smooth Zoom.
  • Turned Edge Enhancement ON.

To implement these changes,you will have to have an unlocked boot loader so as to flash the zip file.The good news is that the issue can be fixed with a software update which in all likelihood,Google will fix.