Oppo Releases Color OS For Oppo Find 5


color osOppo is really a one-of-a-kind company. It’s one of the rare ones to fully support the development communities for its devices, and it’s definitely the only one to offer several OSes (read: ROMs) for a device. The Find 5 is the current Oppo flagship, thus it benefits from all those privileges that we listed above. Speaking of which, Oppo has recently released a new OS for the smartphone called Color OS, and yes, it’s based on our beloved Android.

Color OS is a pretty unique take on Android 4.2 Jellybean. Oppo engineers have clearly driven inspiration from the popular MIUI ROM, but only some slight cues. Color OS is visually attractive – it has nice graphics and appealing animations. But visuals aside, it also offers some neat features, like a global gesture panel, a great camera interface, pleasing video player, and many more.

Color OS is currently available only for the Find 5, whereas the Oppo R819 is scheduled to receive the new OS later this month. You can download the firmware directly from Oppo’s forum.┬áHere’s a short video demoing Color OS on the Oppo Find 5: