NEC LaVie Tab S 7-Inch Aluminium-Built Tablet Announced on Press Event


lavie tab sThe Japanese company NEC launched a new low-end tablet via a press event, called the LaVie Tab S. Despite the class in which it belongs, the LaVie Tab S is built with premium materials such as aluminium, and provides decent hardware, comparable to the internals of last year’s tablet flagships in the 7-inch category.

NEC obviously designed its new slate with ergonomics in mind. It’s incredibly light at 250g and it’s clearly not a fatty with its 7,9mm of thickness. The aluminium body is a nice thing to see. The internals include a 1,2GHz MT8125 processor, 1GB RAM, 7-inch 1280x800p display, 5MP rear-facing camera accompanied by a 1.6MP front-facing shooter. It comes with 32GB on-board storage with no expansion slots, and it runs on Android 4.2 Jellybean. The battery is said to last 8 hours, which is not bad.

The LaVie Tab S is priced at 27930 Yen ($280) and will probably be reserved for the Japanese market. It will hit shelves on November 14.