Android continues its global domination with a whopping 81% of world smartphone market


Android Domination

It’s been a while since IDC last published its smartohone figures but the latest numbers are in!

It’s a no brainer that Android continues to grow on a yearly basis but what’s even more interesting is the fact that the platform is displacing its sworn enemy, iOS downwards. The figures show Android crowned with a 81% share of the world smartphone pie, up from 74.9% while iOS crumbled to 12.9%, down from 14.4%.

IDC Q3 2013

On the other hand Windows Phone also managed to grab some more marketshare, now standing at 3.6%. But as you may have already guessed the once mighty Blackberry continued to crumble with its now meaningless 1.7%, the Canadian company’s shipments fell more than 40 percent compared to a year ago. Judging from the statistics Blackberry shall soon be drawn into a downwards spiral when it drops below the 1% mark

Android is crushing the competition and those changes can generally be attributed to the large mass of affordable bang-for-buck Android handsets being sold worldwide. After all, it’s not like Android smartphones are overpriced like some other gimmick product from a  certain fruit company. The sole fact that Android grows proves that Google’s current strategy is working as intended.

via IDC