PocketDroid’s Weekly Top 5 Apps & Games



If you’re a seasoned reader of PD you may remember a while back we had a little feature where each week we piled together in our opinion, the week’s top five apps. Certain factors that I won’t bore you with now lead to its demise, but I’m pleased to announce that starting this week, PocketDroid’s Weekly Top Five Apps is returning.

All week, I’ve downloaded and tested apps (Such a hard job, I know) and below I’ll tell you what I liked about them and what I definitely didn’t.  So, clear your schedule for the next few hours and let us know how you feel about these apps in the comments section below.


Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Last week I covered the news of this app’s release, intrigued I decided to download it and play it for myself.  Now, as a Star Wars fan myself it takes very little from the Star Wars universe to entertain me and at first this was no exception. Tiny Death star is an addictive game which will keep you checking back to see how many “credits” and “Imperial bux” you’ve earned and also to see what extras you can spend them on. Unfortunately like a lot of smartphone games, this has an in app purchase system and unless you have the patience of a saint and about 10 hours a day spare you’re going to have to spend real world money in order to advance through the game.  Rating 7/10