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If you’re a seasoned reader of PD you may remember a while back we had a little feature where each week we piled together in our opinion, the week’s top five apps. Certain factors that I won’t bore you with now lead to its demise, but I’m pleased to announce that starting this week, PocketDroid’s Weekly Top Five Apps is returning.

All week, I’ve downloaded and tested apps (Such a hard job, I know) and below I’ll tell you what I liked about them and what I definitely didn’t.  So, clear your schedule for the next few hours and let us know how you feel about these apps in the comments section below.


Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Last week I covered the news of this app’s release, intrigued I decided to download it and play it for myself.  Now, as a Star Wars fan myself it takes very little from the Star Wars universe to entertain me and at first this was no exception. Tiny Death star is an addictive game which will keep you checking back to see how many “credits” and “Imperial bux” you’ve earned and also to see what extras you can spend them on. Unfortunately like a lot of smartphone games, this has an in app purchase system and unless you have the patience of a saint and about 10 hours a day spare you’re going to have to spend real world money in order to advance through the game.  Rating 7/10  



Asphalt 8: Airborne

Next up is Gameloft’s latest offering in their Asphalt racing series. The game is very aesthetically pleasing as usual, of course this depends what device you’re running the game on. The nexus 7(2013) was my device of choice and it looked and played great.  The game play leaves a lot to be desired though as the majority of the time your device is either upside down or at a weird angle due to having to physically turn it to navigate bends. The poor game play and the need to spend actual hard-earned cash to progress through the tracks shave a few points off the game. Rating 6.5/10



Deer hunter 2014

Up next is yet another game, it’s been a highly productive week as you can see. Deer hunter as the name suggests is a hunting game, although it isn’t just deer you’ll be mercilessly mowing down. As you advance through the game, the game you slaughter becomes more advanced and more exotic. The credit system allows you to upgrade your weapon, adding extra sights, silencers, infrared etc. Although, the app does have an in-app purchase system it’s not strictly necessary to have to spend dollar in order to have fun and complete the game. The game play is great and the graphics are reasonably impressive too, this app is a lot of fun and my favourite game this week.  Rating 8.5/10



Photo grid: Collage Maker

After all that exciting game playing, it’s time to review something a little more practical. If you’re familiar with collage making apps, you’ll know they’re an awkward affair with the end product looking like something a 5 year old glued together. Photo Grid: Collage maker sees to put an end to that  experience,  it has a very simple user interface and is even more simple to use. I’m not really big on collage making, but managed to make a pretty professional looking collage in a short space of time. Apart from just making a stock collage you can add a whole host of little extras to spice up your instagram selfie.  Rating 7.5/10




Last, but certainly not least is Duolingo. After all that game playing and collage making I felt I needed some educating. Duolingo is a fantastic free app which allows you to learn from a list of languages currently: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.  I decided to pick Spanish, the app is a great way to start to learn a language, it probably won’t have speaking fluently by the end of it, but it certainly gives you an insight into pronunciation, reading and writing a language.  This made learning pretty entertaining and the fact it didn’t cost me a penny pleased me a lot and for that I’m gonna slap it with a nine out of ten. Rating 9/10



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