NVIDIA Tegra 4i-Powered Smartphones to Debut in Q1 2014


tegra4i-1Alongside the mainstream NVIDIA Tegra 4 chipset that was announced way back in February this year, the company announced the Tegra 4i, which is basically the same as the base model, plus an integrated LTE chip. That said, the mentioned silicon hasn’t been put in a smartphone yet, but the latest talks tell us that AT&T has certified the Tegra 4i, and we could start seeing Tegra 4i-powered smartphones in as soon as the first quarter of the next year.

NVIDIA CEO, Jen Hsun Huang himself is the source of this news. He said that the first products featuring NVIDIA Tegra 4i chip will be announced in Q1 2014, with releases following in the second quarter of the year. Arguably the biggest novelty of the new SoC will be its integrated LTE support, a feature that Qualcomm has adopted a long time ago. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see which companies will make use of the emerging NVIDIA chip.