iFlex Flexphone concept shows us the future in smartphones


The LG G Flex and Galaxy Round have something in common, they both have gone beyond the limits of how or what a smartphone should look like, dimension wise. While Samsung latest device, the Galaxy Round doesnt feature a flexible display but rather a curved one, you do see the idea that a smartphone device should be rigid and straight is slowly being thrown out the window, and with a bit of creativity, imagination and finesse, design studio De Poorter in Milan, Italy, has come with what they call the iFlex Flexphone concept.

iFlexAccording to press release:

iFlex, the concept of flexPhone created by de Poorter Design studio in Milan, illustrates the future possibilities offered by these new flexible displays. The two sides of the rigid flexPhone aluminum case are connected by the central silicone part with deformable inlay so that the device can assume and maintain any desired angle, supporting new usage patterns. The phone has a magnetic lock for the closed position that protects the display from scratches and bumps. The flexible touchscreen display is surrounded by a nylon frame. Obviously, the same principle can be applied to tablets and laptops as well. The iFlex concept can give birth to the flexApps, a new generation of software applications that have never been possible with rigid displays. Some new usage examples have already been devised, such as a digital makeup tool for women, a bent-over placeholder for conference speakers with the name for the public on one side, and the remaining time or teleprompter on the other, and an alarm clock that can be switched off with a touch of the hand on the top.