Star Wars: Tiny Death Star allows you to work for the evil Empire on Android and IOS


Tiny Death Star

If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise there’s no end to the amount of Star Wars themed apps and games at your disposal.

The latest ‘Star Wars:Tiny Death Star’ developed by LucasArts puts a bit of a different spin on it. The game is based on the popular IOS game Tiny Tower, and tasks you as an employee of the Galactic Empire where you must oversee the development of the Death Star, either by building or buying one level at a time, depending on how lazy or thrifty you are.

The game features many of the familiar races and faces that are found throughout the Star Wars universe, such as; Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, wookies, eewoks and so on. Tiny Death Star has the familiar look of 8-bit games of yesteryear and is free to download, although it does have an in app payment system so; if you’re a parent reading this keep a watchful eye over your child if your credit card details are on the device.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is available for download now on IOS and Android, if you’re still not convinced by it, see how you feel after the App’s trailer