Gameloft Announce Tank Battles Game on Twitter


takn battlesGameloft has been very active in the mobile gaming department lately. Aside from delivering some top-notch games to most of the popular ecosystems out there, they have been supporting their rich lineup with refreshing updates. Only yesterday we discover through Twitter, Gameloft’s planning on releasing yet another game for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Gameloft_UK tweets Tank Battles, a game that’s supposed to bring Gameloft’s magic in a whole new game category and a picture that speaks “Thousands of possibilities. One tank. Your call.”. We can’t help but figure it’s a game based on crafting different tanks, creating an infinite amount of battle machines and fierce battles between the best of the best. Little else is certain, though, as the image does not offer much information to the common eye other than Gameloft’s going to release a game that’s all about building strong and powerful tanks and putting them in the battlefield.


No word has been spoken regarding its release date, though Tank Battles is currently labeled as “coming soon”. Be sure to be on the lookout for it in the following weeks!

EDIT: The game’s up and available on the Google Play Store! Get a hold of it for free!