Google Helpouts now live, offers one-to-one video chat with experts


HelpoutsGoogle has officially announced Helpouts, a robust video chat service built upon Hangout’s robust backbone, it mostly shares the same interface and design language but it specifically allows the average user to learn from experts all over from a wild range of fields such as Art and Music, Electronics, Fashion and beauty, and Cooking.

Helpouts naturally comes at a cost which varies depending on the field and the ‘expert’ in question but it’s also worth nothing that various persons are offering their services free or charge. The fees are nonetheless generally calculated either on a minute-by-minute basis or in a session fee but most will charge you around a dollar initially. Google will also take 20% of the revenues from Helpouts.

The advantage here is that Google guarantees your money if the expert fails to deliver or if you’re simply not satisfied with the response, some terms obviously apply but users should also note that the minimum entry age for customers is 13 while a Hepout expert should be at least 18.

The App is already available in the Play Store in select countries.

via Google