Samsung Galaxy S III receives official Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update


red samsung galaxy s3 back

Samsung decided to skip the roll out of Jelly bean 4.2 to the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II meaning users of the devices were lumbered with a year old version of the software.

It’s unknown why Samsung decided to omit these devices from the update, but Samsung has now announced they are going to right their wrongs and release official Android 4.3 for both the S3 and Note 2. The differences between 4.3 and 4.1.2 (That the devices were running before) ¬†are a lot more evident than an upgrade to 4.2. As well as under the hood improvements there also graphical changes. The core UI has been completely redesigned, with even the settings tab getting a face lift. For a comprehensive list of the new features and improvements take a look at Sam Mobile’s article.

As always with these roll outs they aren’t across the board straight away, it’s being released on a country by country basis. So, keep checking back to see if it’s available in your place of residence. For some reason Samsung has decided to release it initially in Ireland.