Jelly Bean now over half of all Android devices


Jelly Bean Nov 2013

The Android distribution numbers for November are out, revealing Jelly Bean reigning supreme with 52.1% of the Android pie while Gingerbread continues its steady decline.

The data based on visits to the Google Play Store for seven days up to November 1st shows Jelly Bean up slightly from last month’s 48.6% mark but the most drastic change was the Ice Cream Sandwich share dropping from 20.6% to 19.8% while Gingerbread was down to 26.3% from 28.5%.

The last legacy Android release still monitored is Froyo which will undoubtedly disappear from the official charts next month judging from its insignificant 1.7% share of the pie. It’s also worth nothing that Google Play Services no longer support Froyo.

It’ll be interesting to see how Android 4.4 KitKat manages to pick up the pace and further drag Gingerbread down but we’ll have to wait one more month for those figures!