Android 4.4 update for Sony Xperia devices announcement expected next week


sony xperia z

Android 4.4 KitKat is the new operating system that is receiving all the attention lately by all major phone manufacturers. Sony has just joined that list promising an upgrade of most of their devices and the first of these array of phones will be announced come next week following a tweet from their official tweet page. And no this will not just be about Android 4.4 but also Android 4.3. This is expected to clear the doubts from Sony Xperia customers who have for a long time wondered if their gadgets will receive the much-needed upgrade.

Update November 8: Sony just announced which devices will receive Android 4.3 next month (December) and which will also go through to Android 4.4.

“Sony Xperia News ‏@SonyMobileNews

Re. #Android @KitKat, we’re excited – next week our news on: 4.3, 4.4; products & more… #SonyXperia”

Without a doubt this upgrade is directed to the Xperia Family and their flagship models namely Z1 and Z Ultra Xperia devices.

Apart from that there is a rumor that Sony will announce two new Xperia phones, including a Sony Xperia “Tianchi” with an eight-core MediaTek chip, in Shanghai on November 12.This may just be the platform that will see Sony make the Android 4.4 switch. And from the strides Sony is making since it made its first profit after a loss-filled phase, it’s affirmative Sony means business. Their recent quarterly earnings call also suggests they understand and accept how important mobile is for them, moving forward.

An anxiety builds to what new devices will be supported by this new development. It’s without doubt that the Days of Sony being seen as an underdog are over and before long they will be fighting the current top manufacturers when it comes to Smartphone sales.