Android 4.4 KitKat Goodies Now Available to Everyone


Android 4.4After yesterday’s launch of the new Android version called KitKat, we are sure many of you are starving to try the new goodies that Android 4.4 KitKat offers. If so, you can try them on your device right now, as they were extracted from the system image of the Nexus 5 early today.

The extracted apps include the new Google launcher, Google Now, Google Play Services, keyboard, Hangouts app with support for SMS and MMS, Camera the new wallpapers, Clock app and much more. Some of the apps can be installed straightforward, but others, like the new launcher, depend on the new Google Play Services and Google Now apps, so make sure you install the two before the launcher, otherwise it won’t work.Screenshot_2013-11-01-18-11-55


I have tested the new launcher on my 4.3-running HTC EVO 3D and it works good enough. Still, I feel like it could be better, as noticeable lags here and there are present, but let’s not be picky, as it’s just a ported app.

The new Camera is almost identical to the old one. It was partially working on my device; the video recording was broken. The new icon is a nice addition.

To get the downloads, head over to DroidLife, where you will find the download links.