Nexus 5 unboxed in yet another leaked image


nexus 5 unboxed

Another day, another Nexus 5 story to tease you with. First up we had news of a Chinese site acquiring images from Taiwan’s own FCC supposedly showing the Nexus 5 being squared up next to a ruler.

After that we had another leaked image of the device. This time, the Nexus 5 appears outside of the box, partly powered on and revealing a segment of the phone’s boot animation, the blurry image also shows that same blue box we saw a couple of days ago from a leaked picture inside an LG distribution centre. The design of the phone shown in the image is exactly what we’ve been seeing all along, that coupled with the familiar looking box gives us no reason to believe the picture isn’t legit.

These leaks seem to be coming in from a diverse range of different sources giving the impression they aren’t coordinated or being done purposefully, as well as coming from a variety of different sites, they are also gathering pace at an alarming rate, so; hopefully this all means we don’t have to wait much longer.

via PhoneArena source KSIXylem