Galaxy Note 3 shipments breaks the 5 million ceiling in one month


galaxy-note-3The Galaxy S4 was hailed as a massive success when the figures came in, a staggering 40 million units were shipped up to now with more being sold every second! Yet we have long wondered how its bigger brother fared; it happens that the Galaxy Note 3 never fails to impress.

The latest statistics are in, JK Shin confirmed the numbers to the Korean media and said the Galaxy Note 3 figures ballooning to the 5 million mark in contrast its processor only managed to achieve the same number in 5 months.

The surge in Galaxy Note 3 shipments can be attributed to the good market response and Samsung’s omnipresence in the smartphone world, needless to say the South Korean giant has topped the charts quarter after quarter with figures smashing any other Android manufacturer.

5 million may sound like a ‘meh’ to you especially if you’re comparing those numbers to some fruit company! But keep in mind that the Galaxy Note 3 only went on sale on September internationally. In other words, the Korean giant is doing pretty well right now, and it certainly appears that the company is doing better and better with each new handset it releases.