Nexus 5 leaks go into over-drive



As the launch of the Nexus 5 grows ever closer, the leaks are showing no sign of stopping. Late last night as I expect most of you were tucked up in bed, a slew of information came out from various sources  detailing the full list of the phone’s specs and showing us full resolution images supposedly taken by the dubious device, as well as a pile of


So, first and foremost was the news that the waiting had become too much for one Canadian phone network. Wind Mobile set up a pre-registration page for the heavily leaked soon to be Android Flag-ship. On the Page, were the Phone’s specifications and dimensions in their entirety, as well as a tag line describing the device as; “The smart, new phone made to capture the moments that matter.”

There’s nothing in the way of surprises from Wind’s page regarding the specifications, which are listed as a 4.95 1920×1080 display (445 PPI), a 2.3GHZ Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB of RAM. The nexus 5 will also be available in flavours of 16GB and 32GB. Like I say, nothing really too shocking listed here and if you’re interested in the full list of specs check the following screenshot taken by MobileSyrup from Wind Mobile Facebook page.


So, while that news was sending the web into a frenzy, something else grabbed our attention. You may or may not know that Kit-Kat had their very own android page ( it’s unlikely you visited it because it didn’t actually have any content, it merely displayed a humorous 404 message.  Attempting to visit that very same page now, will take you somewhere else entirely and you’ll also need login details to access it.

What exactly is going? I hear you cry We could be making a mountain out of a mole-hill here, or this could be a promotional page for Android 4.4 which is ready to be launched any day now.

This is where we make our way to leak number 3 (As if you needed any more) Over the weekend a Google employee posted what appeared to be a pretty innocuous image of an assortment of vegetables on Google +, but savvy users of the site dived into the image’s EXIF data and found that the Nexus 5 was listed as the device used to take the snap. The full resolution of this image can be found over at

And we have another one (4th) coming from Canada, LG Canada to be more exact, where a huge stock pile of Nexus 5 phones (retail packaging) has been photographed, sitting in a warehouse waiting patiently for Google GO! signal.

Well, there you have it four late night leaks all pointing towards an imminent release of the Nexus 5, we may not have found out anything particularly new in the way of specifications etc. but this has definitely got us excited in anticipation of a extremely close launch. So, hopefully next time we write about this device we’ll have the official version in our hands.