LG Announces LG G Flex Curved Smartphone



Following the footsteps of its fiercest competitor that also shares its homeland, LG announced world’s second curved smartphone, the LG G Flex. The announcement took part in Seoul, and to be honest, this didn’t surprise us at all – we have known for months that LG has flexible OLED display technology in development, and there has been a leak of a curved LG smartphone a few weeks ago.

Design-wise, the LG G Flex uses the same design cues of the current flagship, the G2, including the back hardware buttons. But when it comes to the size, the G Flex shrinks the G2, as it’s built around a giant 6-inch display. Speaking of the screen, it’s a curved Plastic OLED 720p unit with full RGB matrix. We are not sure why hasn’t LG gone with a 1080p display, but we guess it’s either that the Korean manufacturer is playing safe, or just trying to reduce the cost. Another innovation found on the curved smartphone is the “self-healing” coating on the back panel, which could recover from light scratches that a smartphone receives in a daily manner. It’s fair to note that the LG G Flex is vertically curved, unlike its competitor Samsung Galaxy Round, which has a horizontal curvature.

The software of the LG G Flex is optimized for its unique curved design and big size. It includes a new QTheater app, which gives you access to your photos, videos and even YouTube clips directly from the lockscreen. Dual Window is another feature that’s mandatory on big devices nowadays, and it’s really nice to see that LG has finally adopted it for its new big phone. Then there’s the Swing Lockscreen, which alters the wallpaper depending on how you hold your device. The base is Android 4.2.2 Jellybean, but it’s safe to guess that it will receive a bump to the latest version soon after launch.

The hardware of the G Flex brings nothing new to the table, well almost. Nonetheless its specs are exciting to hear, and we will start with the battery, as it’s the first curved battery to be used in a smartphone. It has a huge capacity of 3500mAh to assure you endurance of a full day with heavy usage. The processor is a quad-core Snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.26GHz, there’s 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, 13MP back / 2.1MP front cameras and a wide set of connectivity features, including LTE-A, USB 3.0 support, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC.

LG will launch the G Flex in November in Korea through the three major local carriers. Availability in other markets will be announced later.