Samsung Galaxy Round compared to round objects in latest commercial



The Samsung Galaxy Round is making the rounds lately thanks to Samsung Korea latest commercial posted on YouTube.

The South Korean electronics giant is strangely but humorously comparing its rounded gadget to avocados and Matryoshka/Russian dolls. It’s no surprise that this ad pops out on the exact day LG announced its first curved smartphone dubbed G Flex.

The commercial doesn’t exactly go into the gadget’s details but rather focuses on a list of curved things including an egg, mugs and even a baby’s hand. It’s no wonder that Samsung wants us to grasp that Galaxy Round curved screen is something that shouldn’t be taken to be weird but rather something entirely natural.

The TV commercial also places the spotlight on how people are used to holding a round object in their hand and using their thumb to traverse the surface of the object.

Samsung’s long-time rival LG is set to launch their G Flex next month in South Korea while Sammy on the other hand has yet to announce a release date even its home country.