Galaxy S4 selling better than expected, breaks the 40 million mark


Galaxy S4-shinThe Samsung Galaxy S4 is still selling like hot cakes even with all the competition around. The latest report indicates that sales are still going strong, obviously blowing those rumors of stagnating Galaxy sales.

Samsung’s flagship smartphone sales broke the 40 million ceiling according to a Korean report citing┬áCEO J.K. Shin as the source. It’s a no brainer that the Samsung injects a lot of cash in marketing and advertising but the fact that the smartphone topped 10 million units in the first month, 30 million in four months and finally a whopping 40 million proves that the demand is still strong.

It’s quite clear that Samsung has a hit on its hand for the fourth year in a row and it should be interesting to see how it builds on the success of the Galaxy S4 with the successor. The South Korean giant has yet to announce the figures for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but we’re pretty sure that it’ll sell more than its predecessor.

The report also indicates that Samsung may also be working with its buttery suppliers on a fix for the Galaxy S4 battery swelling issues.