LG G Flex leaked on video by Argentinian TV


LG G FlexFirst LG G Flex video hands-on and photos have leaked, this time by an Argentinian reporter at a local TV station. We have previously reported that LG were working on a curved-screen phone, much like Samsung, but only had press shots. This time, The Verge were sent the photos by an Argentinian reporter who had a hands-on play in the studio and sent in some hi-res pictures and reported it on their TV show.

The photo’s show that the screen has a 6 inch screen,  a 13MP camera and a button on the back, just bellow the camera, similar to LG’s G2 and G pad I reported on last week. The screen is said to be an OLED display which curves on the horizontal so that when the phone is in landscape mode, the two ends will curve towards you, or so the LG G FLex Photos show.

This is different from the Samsung Galaxy Round, which is curved on the vertical axis. A recent video showed Samsung’s use for the curved screen, allowing users to tilt the phone to get notifications and see information about missed calls similar to the current wave gesture over the camera. What will LG’s use of the Horizontal axis be?

Update: and there goes the video, probably LG Electronics requested Argentinian television  to take it off.

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