Google Play Store 4.4.21 APK released with sliding window feature


Google Play Store 4.4.21 APK releasedWith the release of Android 4.4 KitKat only days or weeks away, Android Police have been able to extract the latest Google Play Store 4.4.21 APK which is now available to download on their servers.┬áThe update will be slowly pushed out to all users, but here’s what you’ll find inside.

Google Play Store 4.4.21 APK:

This is only a small update in terms of looks or features. The store retains it’s look and feel from the previous version, but adds a very handy sliding window from the left hand side. This gives you short cuts to Play’s home page, your apps, your wishlist and the redeem feature, which is no longer hiding, appear in the window.

This handy feature is also rather contextual. If you are buried in the Play store, you can easily return to the front page. If you’re viewing the magazines section, you also have links to your magazine library. This is the same when in the movies, books or music section.

Google Play Store 4.4.21 Home page
This is the new sliding drawer which has shortcuts to your apps, wishlist and allow you to redeem a voucher code

This update brings the play store with Play Music, Play Film, Play Books and Play Magazines apps, which have a drawer which you slide out to access the store, ‘Read Now’ page and ‘My Libary’ page.

Will this all change once Android 4.4 KitKat releases though? It’s been reported, there are rumours that a Newsstand app is likely to be introduced. Will this replace the current Play Magazines app, or be something completely different? Only time, and the release of KitKat, will tell.

The Google Play Store 4.4.21 APK is available from Android Police here.