Google acquires FlexyCore for $23 Million to make Android faster



Well, Google early last year unveiled a Project dubbed “‘Project Butter” that was aimed at improving the overall speed of its Android operating system and reduce overall lag. This was done by letting the CPU and graphics run in parallel, rather than crash into each other. Seemingly, this did not satisfy the technology giant and early this month saw the acquisition of the French firm Flexycore for €16.9 million ($23.1 million) .In fact, the startup’s team has already been integrated with Google’s Android team, while the acquisition has been a year in the making, having started last year during the month of September.

Doesn’t ring a bell? well just to bring you up to speed, Flexycore made its name by coming up with the software called Droidbooster that accelerates any code by up to 10 times speeding the apps that run on Android without draining the battery.

Flexycore boasted that it gave users “high end at the low end”, and it’s easy to see why. The app, designed to give smaller and lower powered phones a boost in performance. It is speculated that the acquisition will boost the new Android 4.4 KitKat that is yet to be released. This move may be seen as a way of lowering hardware costs while delivering the same experience but without a doubt this move will definately boost Android mobile operating system.