CyanogenMod Pro and Community Edition announced



CyanogenMod, one of the most tweakable custom rom will be split in two different variants. This unexpected move follows the team’s aim of providing a seamless experience while conserving the open nature of the rom.

The team behind this popular rom is aiming high, by re-balancing their efforts be making the ‘open experience’¬†easier for the beginner user, but at the same time have something for more advanced users thanks to the upcoming release of both a Community Edition and Pro Edition version of the ROM detailed at Android BBQ.


The Pro edition may sound confusing but it’s actually the same rom with certain elements such as root access turned off by default. This particular version also comes signed with CM’s own privates keys with the effort to make this variant more secure.


The team also detailed the upcoming changes in the CyanogenMod. Those include universal screencasting, which allows users to record the screen easily without the need to install any kind of 3rd party apps. Users will also be able to display interactive and dynamic content with Live Folders. A new Gallery and refined launcher built upon a new theme will also make their appearance.


A long requested feature will also make its appearance; unified messaging. Basically a single application that will handle SMS, hangouts and every service related to messaging.

It looks that the CyanogenMod team will rework much of the framework with the aim of diverging much of their feature-set from the main Android source by incorporating their own apps instead of the vanilla Android counterparts. Perhaps it’s time for CyanogenMod to carve its own path; one step at a time away from the traditional so called ‘Google experience’.

Those changes will certainly be wholeheartedly welcomed by the community as well by the average joe. With select versions of the Oppo N1 shipping with CyanogenMod (slated for November), one can only wonder what’s up next for the team that was once barely a bunch of tech savvy developers. A long road ahead for CyanogenMod Inc!

via CyanogenMod