Switchr App Review: the app switcher of the future


Switchr app

Multitasking on mobiles is now common place, but let’s not forget how essential it was to the expansion of a certain fruit based OS’s. There was all the “Android has that” debate. Since it was launched, and both OS’s had similar means of doing it, it hasn’t really changed. One developer, Mohammad Adib on XDA, has decided to change that and has developed Switchr, which aims to change the way you swap apps on you Android device.

I’ve been running the Switchr Beta for the last week on my Galaxy Note 2 and I have to say, it’s amazing how fast you get used to it. Rather than press and hold the home button (or press the multitasking button on some devices), you swipe from the side of the screen. What appears, is all your open apps and the further you slide from the edge of the screen, the further into your history you go. When you’ve found the app you want, release the screen and you’re there.

I’ve found this to be a much quicker way of switching applications rather than using the stock engine for switching apps, as the stock version has to load previews of the apps, which can take time especially if they are big apps like games. You can choose to either have a live preview of your switching (which is handy if you’re just flipping back to read something you can’t cut and paste), or the icons only.