Galaxy Note 3 S Pen features ported to Galaxy Note 2 via flashed ROM


Samsung GALAXY Note II out of the box

If, like me, you have a Galaxy Note 2 you may be rather envious of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features such as AirCommand, ScrapBooker and the hovering windows. You may also hope, the rumours that the features will be ported to the Note 2 by an official Samsung update are true. Afterall, some of the new Note 2 features were ported to the original Note last year.

If you can’t wait, and feel comfortable flashing your ROM, then you’ll be happy to know that it is all available on XDA to download and try with extensive instructions.

The post on XDA has several videos showing all the new features running on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running a flashed 4.3 update (currently, the Note 2 is officially on 4.1.2) with the new Galaxy Note 3 S Pen features working reasonably well. I say reasonably because I couldn’t help but notice that the system looked a little sluggish, and when you double tap to make a new note using the S Pen, you get two windows appear; One for the Galaxy Note 3 S Pen Features, and the original Note 2 S Note. I’m sure, in time, this could be fixed.

This is ‘Jailbreaking’, or ‘Flashing’, your phone, so you must be extremely careful as you could loose data (although you have a backup, right?) and in extreme circumstances, you could brick the phone (although this is unlikely, but still a potential risk).

Looking at the videos, the new Galaxy Note 3 S Pen features look really interesting. I’m more interested in the possible 4.3 features that are glimpsed at in the video such as Samsung Magazine mode, Reading mode and other apps that are visible in the app drawer.

Personally, I’m happy to see what the next couple of weeks brings us. Will the Galaxy Note 2 be upgraded straight to Android 4.4 KitKat, or 4.3? Will the Galaxy Note 3 S Pen features be in a future Samsung update? I guess only time will tell.