Adidas miCoach SMART RUN announced


SS14_Run_PR_Social_Supernova_28-580x402With more and more OEMs coming up with smartwatches to be used for normal day-to-day use (calls,taking pictures,calendar reminders),sports buffs have not been left behind. Yes, you could go and get the Galaxy Gear which is said to have fitness,health centered apps for use, but Adidas have something better in mind, the miCoach SMART RUN.

You probably already know that Nike’s newest Fuelband only supports ios,why? Probably some strategy made in a boardroom somewhere (Yes Nokia took this route too remember) but Adidas took the android route instead,and the device does look really good.Running a custom interface on a 1.45-inch transflective TFT LCD at 184 x 184 with a capacitive touchscreen,the miCoach SMART RUN is Adidas’s new wearable gear that will be launched on November 1st.

It operates as a standalone fitness accessory,which means it doesn’t require a permanent link to your smartphone device. The miCoach runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1. It has three battery modes which are activated according to the activity you’re doing and  by how  they collect health data from the various sensors embedded in it.If for example you’re just walking around doing your daily activities, the miCoach will be in casual mode,and wont bother checking on your heart rate,blood pressure etc. Marathon mode on the other hand will check up on you after a few seconds, measuring and timing everything.

H10150_Key_Product_SMART_RUN_Hero_crop_125_SML-580x389The miCoach is powered by  a 410 mAh Lithium Ion battery, which Adidas claims, will be able to last a full two weeks on casual mode, and last for around eight hours in marathon mode,but only four hours to get a full recharge.Sensors in the device include an accelerometer,an optical heart rate monitor from Mio and GPS which can integrate with Adidas Android apps on your smartphone to provide a wholesome experience.

The miCoach also has Bluetooth and WiFi for offloading logged data which has been collected by the watch to Adidas’ miCoach online system.The system gives out customized training plans together with recorded training workouts which have been completed.

The miCoach SMART RUN will be available from November 1st on the Adidas website. The price is $399,quite steep as compared to other smart watches but then again, it’s quite unique. Want to have a personal assistant recording your every effort at working out? The Adidas miCoach SMART RUN might just be the way to go.

Adidas micoach smart run