Sneak peek into Android KitKat: Screenshots on Nexus 7


kitkat1A lot has been speculated about the next version of Android: KitKat. We all thought it was going to be named Key Lime Pie and although we know that isn’t the case, not much more has been forthcoming. ZDnet leaked photos of an older build of KitKat running on a Nexus 7(2013). The screenshots reveal the Easter Egg, more icons in the app drawer a different Clock app, Settings menu, and the new Downloads app.

Android-4.4-kitkat-screenshots-leak-zdnet-4According to the leak, to get to the Easter Egg, you go about it the usual way, by tapping multiple times on the Android version, and though the version still says Key Lime Pie, sure enough future builds wont have this, or are they? Google is known to be full of surprises.