Google Places for Business app launched for business owners:


Google Places for Business app

If you’ve searched for a business from using Google search in the last 18 months, you may have noticed that the first hit is usually the one you want (depending on what you’re looking for). Most notably though, when looking for a specific shop, you will find that Google will usually show you the address, telephone and opening/closing hours right at the top of the results page (as shown below). Previously, updating the details of said business hasn’t been obvious or easy; till now. Google has now released Google Places for Business app.

Business listings from Google
This is how business show in Google Search results.

Ironically, the app isn’t compatible with any of my devices, and I don’t have a business to advertise or manage (yet), so I can only show you the screen shots uploaded by Google on the Play Store. Essentially, what this app allows is for business owners to keep their business details up to date and interact with users who “+1” their business on Google and Google+. They can upload photo’s of their business and even view add updates about the business and what is happening. What I think is one of the more valuable uses, however, is that business owners can see¬†how users find their business and/or website through Google and what interactions have taken place once their business has been displayed as a result (as in clicked, liked etc), much like WordPress shows you your stats for your Blog. If you are lucky enough to have more than one business, you can keep the details of all your stores up to date via the one app.

Google Places for business app
Keep your opening hours up to date and viewable on Google

Despite the app not working on any of my devices, I imagine that this will be a very handy app for business users. Google does give a warning on the Play Store page that not all accounts will be available through the app yet, as Google are in the process of updating their business data to make the app fully integrated with the Google ecosystem.

Google Places for Business app is available through the Google Play store